How to self study organic chemistry? [Solved] (2022)

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Can I study organic chemistry by self study?

A Self-Study Guide to the Principles of Organic Chemistry: Key Concepts, Reaction Mechanisms, and Practice Questions for the Beginner will help students new to organic chemistry grasp the key concepts of the subject quickly and easily, as well as build a strong foundation for future study.... read more ›

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How many hours a day should I study for organic chemistry?

The consensus seems to be about 14 hours a week, or two hours a day. This is in line with a common study-time recommendation that you spend two hours studying for each hour in class (3 hours of lecture plus 4 of lab = 14 hours of work outside of class).... see details ›

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What is the fastest way to learn organic chemistry reactions?

Learning Organic Chemistry requires problem practice. You should attempt all NCERT questions, then your reference book exercises and hit the past year papers. Spend all the extra time you save from theory for organic chemistry into solving problems. So, work the problems!... view details ›

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What is the secret to learning organic chemistry?

You will become familiar with why certain atoms behave the way they do, and often times atoms behave the same way in many reactions, so there is overlapping information. This is the secret to studying Organic chemistry, you must understand the reactions, do not try to memorize them!... read more ›

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How can I learn organic chemistry in a week?

Organic Chemistry: How to Learn it in 24 Hours - YouTube... see details ›

(Mitali Sharma)

Why is organic chemistry so hard?

Here's a brief rundown of why organic chemistry is so hard: It's very different to any other basic science course. It's dependent mainly on symbols and visualizations (rather than language) It's conceptually challenging (with many reaction mechanisms similar and challenging to differentiate)... view details ›

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How long will it take to complete organic chemistry?

This subject organic chemistry is considered most interesting part of the whole syllabus if you are preparing for boards then you can easily. Finish it within a month or two. But the guidance is very important to cover the syllabus. Accordingly 1 month is required to complete the organic chemistry.... see details ›


How long will it take to study organic chemistry?

If you wanna learn the basics of organic chemistry, you'll study up to chapter 10 which I believe can take about two months if you're going at it at a slow pace. If you're free and willing to learn the whole book then it might also take two months but you'll have to study at least 4–6 hours a day.... read more ›

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What is the hardest chemistry class?

Organic Chemistry:

It shouldn't surprise you that organic chemistry takes the No. 1 spot as the hardest college course.... see more ›

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Is organic Chem memorization?

The number one reason people find organic difficult is they try to memorize everything. This course is not about memorization. You can't memorize hundreds of reactions, and you certainly can't memorize Stereochemistry. Treat organic like a math course; work lots of problems and learn the process.... see details ›

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How can I memorize chemistry easily?

For example, a mnemonic to memorize the first elements of the periodic table is "Hi, he lies because boys can not operate fireplaces." This translates into hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine. You could choose other words to stand for the letters.... see details ›

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How common is failing organic chemistry?

One survey ranks organic chemistry as the hardest class in college. By some studies, nearly one in every two organic chemistry students fail or drop the class.... see more ›

How to self study organic chemistry? [Solved] (2022)

How do you not fail in organic chemistry?

The key to success in organic chemistry is to practice what you've learned in class by working problems outside of class. The three most important things to do to prepare for an exam (and the best use of your time) are: textbook problems. textbook problems.... read more ›

Is organic chemistry harder than calculus?

Organic chemistry is difficult in it's own way, you will have to read the book and understand every concept to do well. In calculus you can still do well even if you don't understand the concept. I think general chem has more math than organic chem. Also, calculus requires much more practice.... see details ›

What percent of people get an A in organic chemistry?

At mine typically only 20% of kids get A's... I wouldn't call the average person not getting an A as being "typically very, very dim", especially in a class like orgo.... continue reading ›

Is Biochem harder than Ochem?

Organic chem is definitely harder than biochem. It's much harder to visualize and relate to. It also involves more problem solving. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two subjects is organic chemistry's dependence on synthesis and reaction problems.... see more ›

What is the hardest part of organic chemistry?

The 9th Flotilla

the hardest part about organic chem II is the number of reactions u will need to memorize at the end. I counted as many 500 reactions with over 100 mechanisms. I recommend to scribble out the reactions a dozen times to drill them into your head.... view details ›

Can you finish organic chemistry a day?

If you are preparing for boards, just go through all the naming reactions and distinguish between tests. Then, study the properties of the compounds and if you are left with time, go through common oxidation and reduction techniques. Not possible… Even you Can't revise the whole organic in 24 hours….... continue reading ›

How do I study organic chemistry in 3 days?

Organic Chemistry in 3 days | cbse | part 1| class 12 ... - YouTube... continue reading ›

Is organic chemistry hard to pass?

If you know the chemistry them, you can characterize most reactions just by your own knowledge, with little memorization at all. Organic chemistry is not as difficult as its reputation makes it out to be. I enjoyed the course and personally found it to be significantly easier than general chemistry.... read more ›

Why do students hate organic chemistry?

like most subjects in India,Organic Chemistry is also taught via rote. The student is never taught that there is harmony in the reaction processes & the process of synthesis of various molecules. Thus,its only natural that one finds it 'hateful' or boring.... see more ›

Is Ochem 1 or 2 harder?

No, it is not easier. The material in Organic II is more difficult.... continue reading ›

Can I complete organic in 2 months?

2 months is a lot of time for organic chemistry . just read and understand all the mechanisms from ncert and do all the back questions . jee main chemistry is mostly from NCERT.... see details ›

How do I study for the organic chemistry exam?

tips for studying organic chemistry - YouTube... see more ›

How do I learn basic organic chemistry?

  1. Start from Organic Chemistry Fundamental Concepts.
  2. Derive standard name reaction mechanisms of organic chemistry.
  3. Practice Organic Chemistry conversions.
  4. Tricks for Organic Chemistry conversions:
  5. Make mind maps.
  6. Memorise less, understand more.
  7. Study with partners.
  8. Some Important Topics from Organic Chemistry.
Jun 6, 2022
... view details ›

How many hours should I study for chemistry?

Chemistry requires both memorization and problem-solving, making it a particularly demanding subject. 5. Study two hours for each lecture hour and one hour for each lab hour each week (this is about 12 hours a week for 4 credit hour chemistry courses).... continue reading ›

What is the most failed subject in high school?

Algebra is the single most failed course in high school, the most failed course in community college, and, along with English language for nonnative speakers, the single biggest academic reason that community colleges have a high dropout rate.... continue reading ›

Is physics harder than chemistry?

Physics is slightly harder than chemistry because it is more math-oriented and has more abstract concepts. At the high school level, chemistry is actually more difficult than physics. Beyond high school, physics is harder than chemistry as it is calculus-based and extremely complex.... view details ›

What is the easiest branch of chemistry?

If you are particularly talking about JEE-advanced or IIT-JEE, then most of better students obviously have good command over physics and maths hence physical chemistry comes easy to them.... see more ›

How do I study for the organic chemistry exam?

tips for studying organic chemistry - YouTube... continue reading ›

Is organic chemistry that hard?

Organic chemistry is one of the hardest science subjects. Its failure and retake rates are high, and its class grade average is low. It's also very time-consuming, difficult to apply, and heavy on theoretical detail. If you haven't done a general chemistry course first, you could really struggle.... see details ›

Is OChem 1 or 2 harder?

No, it is not easier. The material in Organic II is more difficult.... view details ›

Can I take organic chemistry 1 and 2 together?

Taking 1 and 2 at the same time is a bad idea. HOWEVER, you would be just fine if you take orgo 1 in the summer and then take the August MCAT. Remember, the BS of the MCAT is both bio and orgo, so if you haven't had orgo 2, you'll still know 3/4 of the BS material.... continue reading ›

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