Simonis felt? (2023)

Is Simonis cloth worth it?

Simonis table cloth is a staple of the billiards world, and has been around since the 1600s. It's widely regarded as the best pool table felt for several reasons: High standards for accuracy, consistency and durability.

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What is the difference between Simonis 760 and 860?

Simonis 860 – most commonly used Simonis Cloth, a good combination of longevity and speed. Simonis 760 – the fastest pool cloth Simonis makes … a bit lighter weight than 860 and popular for Tournaments. Simonis 860 HR – 760 /860 blend, good longevity for heavy play. Slower than 760, but not a slow cloth.

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How do you identify Simonis cloth?

  1. the IWAN SIMONIS name in block letters with the product name.
  2. There is also printed in the middle of the width of every meter of cloth a mark showing IWAN SIMONIS name in block letters followed by the serial number of the roll (ID number) : this indelibly U.V. marking is only visible in black light (U.V.light).

(Video) Installing new Simonis 860HR on a set of 7' Diamond Smart Table rails.
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What is Simonis cloth made of?

Simonis Cloth starts with very fine combed wool yarn. This long-fiber wool is then tightly-twisted and woven (the worsted wool process) into cloth.

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What is the most popular color for pool table felt?

The two most-popular pool table felt colors are Tournament Blue and Tournament Green; those pool table cloth colors are the colors most commonly seen on televised pool games.

(Video) Installing Simonis 860HR on a 7' Diamond smart table. Entire process start to finish.
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What color pool table felt is best?

Many people have asked me, “what's the best felt color to put on my pool table?” From the point of view of a serious pool or billiards player, green billiard cloth has been the best choice to play on. The reason is, that the color green is supposedly the easiest on the players' eyes.

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What felt is used on Diamond pool tables?

It's also worth noting that the popular tables made by Diamond Billiards use Simonis cloth on their tournament-grade tables. This cloth holds up better over time, making it a great choice for commercial and residential use.

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What colors does Simonis cloth come in?

Colors Available:

Simonis Blue, Blue Green, Petroleum Blue, English Green, Dark Green, Spruce, Powder Blue, Tournament Blue, Electric Blue, Royal Blue, Marine Blue, Gold, Camel, Mocha, Olive, Espresso, Red, Burgundy, Wine, Fushia, Purple, Grey, Slate Grey, Black, Chartreuse, Orange, Burnt Orange.

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Where is Simonis cloth made?

We're proud of our history and we are proud that Simonis and Aramith have always been and are still made in Belgium.

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Who makes Simonis cloth?

Iwan Simonis is the true reference in the carom billiard world, a company with a unique prestige acquired during more than 300 years in the billiard. Simonis manufactures high quality cloths for over decades.

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How long does cloth on a pool table last?

You should replace the felt on your pool table every two to five years if you play pool four or more times a week. If you only play pool occasionally, then your pool felt can last between five and fifteen years.

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What is the fastest billiard cloth?

Simonis 760™ is the fastest Simonis cloth for pool tables and can also be found on snooker tables when the players want to play 'golf' and where a color other than English green or yellow-green is desired. It is a 70% wool / 30% nylon blend that is sometimes used for Competitive Pool Tournament Play.

Simonis felt? (2023)
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